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Grow Kit Instructions

1.     Remove the grow block from the box. On the box, cut along the dotted line of the sticker and pop out and recycle the cardboard piece.


2.     Slide the grow block back into the box and close the box.

3.     Where the grow block is exposed by the hole in the box, cut two intersecting lines in the block making a roughly 3 by 3 inch “X”.


4.     Tip the kit upright so that the mushrooms will grow out the side of the box. Keep the kit in bright, but indirect sunlight.



5.     Begin spritzing two to three times a day about 5 spritzes each time. You may need to pull the plastic strips back to spray the surface. 

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Pro Tip: The mushrooms have all the water they need to grow inside the block. The purpose of spritzing is to keep the surface from drying out like a humidifier.

6.     The pinning should begin after 4 to 7 days (each variety is different). If there has been no growth at this point one try putting the entire kit in the refrigerator. Remove after about 5 hours and then continue as before.



7.    As the mushrooms develop, slowly increase the number of spritzes. Remember, the mushrooms have all the water they need for growth. This water is just to keep the mushrooms from drying out. Spray only enough water to cover the mushrooms with a light dew, but not enough to soak completely. Roughly 10 spritzes at the most.

8.     Mushroom growth will depend largely on the species, but pink oyster varieties should be ready after about 10-14 days while golden oyster are closer to 14-21 days. The rule of thumb is to harvest when the mushroom caps have flattened out, but the edges are not yet curling up or cracking.







9.     To harvest, grasp the mushrooms in your hand as close to the base as you can. (This is where the mushrooms attach to the block.) Use a twisting motion to break the cluster off the block. Cut away any sawdust residue from the block.

10.     Cook immediately or keep in the refrigerator for up to a week. Store in a paper bag or a plastic bag lined with paper towels.

11. Try your luck at a bonus crop. The kit may still contain enough nutrients for a second harvest of mushrooms. Scrape the block of any mushroom tissue so it looks like it did in Step 3. Lay the box with the hole towards the ceiling and pour 1/4 cup of water into the sawdust. Once it has been absorbed, continue with Step 4 as before.

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Pro Tip: If you have a garden or outdoor space you can try inoculating it with the grow kit block. Remove all the packaging including the plastic sleeve. Crumble the sawdust and mycelium brick into pieces and mix into soil. Even if mushrooms don't grow, it makes great compost!

CAUTION: If you cannot identify the mushrooms do not consume them.

If you have any questions about your grow kit, check out our FAQ page where we answer some of the most common questions.


If you have other questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us either on our contact page or at 

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