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  • What can I cook with all the mushroom varieties available?
    For a list of recipes for each variety of mushroom, visit our "Recipes" page here.
  • What are the differences between dry and fresh mushrooms?
    Dried mushrooms are simply sliced and dehydrated mushrooms. Which type better suits your needs usually depends on what you are cooking. For example, you may want newly harvested cremini for your bruschetta, but dried mushrooms may hold up better when making a soup. Also, dried mushrooms have a shelf life up to one year!
  • Are there bulk savings if I want to buy a large quantity of mushrooms?
    Yes! If you are interested in a large order please send us an email at to discuss bulk discounts.
  • My kit looks like it is covered in white mold…is this normal?
    Yes! It’s not mold, though, it’s mycelium, which is essentially the root structure of the mushroom.
  • My kit just arrived and it looks like mushrooms are already growing…is this okay?
    It’s totally fine and not uncommon with some of the faster growing varieties. Continue to follow the instructions as usual.
  • Is it okay if I see some brown specks amidst the white mycelium inside my grow kit?
    Yes, it’s probably the mushroom’s food poking through. The mycelium grows on a bed of sawdust.
  • What temperature is best for my grow kit?
    The mushrooms are fairly hardy so most indoor conditions are fine. They enjoy temperatures of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit when possible.
  • Do my mushrooms need sunlight?
    Bright, indirect light is best for most mushrooms. Next to window and out of the sun is a great spot. Cremini, portabella, and button mushrooms need hardly any light at all.
  • How do I know if I’m watering my kit enough?
    Spritzing with the sprayer gives the mushrooms a damp and humid environment. You may need to adjust based on your climate, but we have found that approximately 8-10 spritzes 2-3 times a day dampens the block enough to keep it from drying out without drenching the mushrooms. Remember, the mushrooms have all the water they need to grow already. The spritzing is just to keep them from drying out.
  • Can I eat my mushrooms raw?
    This is not recommended and we advise you always cook mushrooms before eating them. Besides, raw mushrooms are virtually indigestible so eating them raw serves no nutritional value. (Their cell walls are made up of chitin so your body can't break them down the same way it breaks down cellulose in plants.)
  • I’m not sure my kit is growing correctly…what should I do?
    No problem! If you’re having trouble getting growing reach out to us at and we can help troubleshoot.
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